Apr 11, 2016
Another satisfied Sewell Plantation Shutter customer. "I ordered plantation shutters for our large dining room window-they measured the window, built shutters & installed them. Process took about 5 weeks total! Awesome. Sewell Shutters employees were professional, courteous & prompt throughout the process. I never felt rushed or pressured. The salesman & installation man all wore clothing representing the company and were friendly. I had priced shutters for this large window twice before to other companies and decided against buying b/c the price was $700 more than Sewell. It was a relief to find a company with a good product at an affordable price! Definitely recommend.
Apr 11, 2016
Is your business founded on integrity? Every day we will face challenges to our integrity. We need to be careful to weigh each decision on the basis of what will honor the Lord rather than the choice that makes the most money. Learning to become content with our circumstances is an important first step in keeping our choices on the basis of honoring the Lord rather than what makes the most money. Long-term, your business will prosper when founded on integrity.
May 10, 2013

It’s important you’re well informed about shutter basics, wood types and other considerations before purchasing shutters for your home. To do so we first need to address some quick primers on important shutter topics. Shutters consist of three main parts. These main parts are the fitting around the window known as the trim or Z Frame, the slats (louvers) themselves and the tilt rod (like a draw string on mini-blinds).

Shutter Trim

The trim in relation to the window is usually installed in one of two ways. The first option is to have the shutters completely encased within the window frame and the baseboards or standard trim around it. This option is popular because it completely controls the elements and is often slightly cheaper due to less customized installation and design.  The second option is to have the actual shutters installed with its own window framing protruding away from the window. These installations are typically done when there is not large enough window seal area for the shutter and window to function properly together. In addition to how the trim is installed there are also different types of trim for shutters. 

Shutter Louvers

The second main part of shutters is the shutter slats themselves. These slats are technically referred to as louvers. These louvers go a long way in determining how much light is allowed into a room and the design of the actual shutter itself.  The most common louver sizes are 4 1/2 inches and 3 1/2 inches. Additionally there are louvers that are 2 1/2 inches. The 2 1/2 inch louvers are usually seen in colonial or Victorian homes while 3 1/2 and 4 1/2 inch louvers are often seen in newer homes and on larger windows so as to ensure aesthetic appeal.  Though these are not the only sizes that are common as louvers also come in sizes both bigger and smaller than those listed.  Ultimately this aspect of your shutters is dependent on your preference and the ability of the company making them. Slats also come in two shapes, elliptical or flat (straight). Elliptical louver is most commonly used because it closes out more light and can allow the panel to go wider without doubling the panels in the window.

Shutter Tilt Rod

Last but not least of the shutter puzzle is the tilt rod, sometimes referred to as a push rod. The shutter tilt rod is the vertical rod that hangs from your shutters. This rod is like the drawstrings that are often seen with wood blinds. This rod is the device used to open and close the shutters as well as adjust the tilt of the louvers. Most tilt rods run vertically down the center of the shutter. Other shutters sometimes feature what is called a “hidden tilt-rod” which runs vertically along one edge of the shutter so it doesn’t obstruct the view of someone looking through the window. 

Shutter Sizes

Custom plantation shutters come in all different shapes and sizes. While many people may wonder if their oddly shaped windows, arched windows or doors are too un-traditional for shutters the fact is that shutters can be very versatile by being custom built and designed.  This versatility is a big draw over store-bought shutters that only come in certain sizes or in the best case scenario can be custom ordered and after weeks of waiting still not has a shutter that properly fits the window.  

Mar 29, 2013

We used Sewell Shutters for our upstairs game room. Our house is in Oklahoma so I wasn't sure they would come that far. They definitely came that far for only a minimal trip fee. That really surprised me! They came and took a measure and was very professional about it.

The overall experience was simply incredible and I know that sounds funny about shutters but it's true. I went into their office to give them a paint sample and got the tour of their warehouse even though most of the staff was already gone. We then talked about our windows and they brought up some details that I hadn't even thought of which would have made a huge difference. When they came for the installation, Steve was very courteous, kind and a very pleasant man to talk with. We quickly found out he was a Christian man and that was just the icing on the cake. He didn't get in a hurry and cleaned up after himself very well. He was very detail oriented about the entire process. When he was finished he gave us hints about how to care for our shutters. They made our entire room look classy and I'm extremely pleased with our new shutters. I would highly recommend Sewell Shutters to anyone who wants high quality for a reasonable price. They are a fine company to work with. Cookie Rutherford

Mar 25, 2013

Very professional and the shutters were hung in less than a month after they measured.

Sewell Shutters came to my home to measure the same week I contacted them.

I contacted them initially because they manufacture their own shutters and I really liked the rectangular door cut out available for door hardware openings.

I was impressed with the responsiveness and customer care. The pricing is reasonable. The shutters are very well made and fit beautifully.

What I like is the product quality, service, and the fact the fact they really do care

I am a designer and details matter. I would definitely recommend this company.

Mar 25, 2013

After being scammed of $1200 from a shutter company in Plano, Texas, I called Sewell Shutters to measure, make and install four custom shutters in my kitchen. Doug Sewell personally cane to my home and measured the windows. The transaction was seamless and it was like dealing with a trusted friend or family. Sewell Shutters performed as they said they would and the beautiful quality shutters were delivered and professionally installed.The job was seamless from the initial phone call to the installation. I would not hesitate to call or Recommend Sewell Shutter.

Mar 21, 2013

This was a recent review from one of customers. Sewell Shutters is by far the best company I have ever done business with. The entire process was quick and easy. They measured perfectly, matched the paint with my trim color and installed beautiful wood shutters all within the estimated time. In fact, they told me they would need 1 to 2 hours to install and they were done in half the time. The quality and craftsmanship are top notch. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Sewell Shutters came out to my house at exactly the time we had agreed. Measurements were taken and the estimate was provided right then. Once we had agreed on the type and size shutters I was provided the date of installation. A sample of my trim paint color was requested so that it would match perfectly. Two days prior to installation I was contacted to verify the time. Again they were right on time. The two man crew came in and hung those shutters very efficiently and perfectly aligned. They next brought in more matching paint color to touch up any areas that needed it. My shutters are beautiful and they really make my home a showplace. Thanks Sewell Shutters for a job very well done!