Sewell Shutters Inc. (A brand that you can trust!) is proud to be a manufacturer of ThermoWood plantation shutters. ThermoWood Shutters look and feel like real wood, but they are made from a SOLID, recyclable, environmentally "green" superior cellular poly synthetic material.

Because ThermoWood plantation shutters are made from 100% recyclable poly synthetic, no natural resources are damaged in the manufacturing process. Our shutters are water resistant, fire retardant and provide greater insulating power(3X) more than wood shutters. Highest R-values plus excellent UV protection.

Our ThermoWood shutter warranty is so strong, it's actually *transferable (see note), thereby increasing the resale value of your home. Plantation shutters, unlike other window coverings, are an investment in your home. Make sure you look carefully, not only at the high quality product and various pricing options that you have, but also at the reliability and integrity of the company you choose do business with.

ThermoWood plantation shutters are not only better for the environment, but they also hold up better than wood shutters. They also add a sustainable touch to eco-friendly interior design. ThermoWood plantation shutters can be sawed, sanded and painted just like wood shutters.

Some shutter companies have adopted a few green practices, while others, such as Sewell Shutters, have wholeheartedly created an underlying sustainability platform. The paint finish will never crack or peel.

We've virtually eliminated hazardous air pollutants without sacrificing the durability and performance of solvent-based coatings. It's not only good for our customers but also for our employees. We've also made a substantial investment in very sophisticated manufacturing equipment which maximizes the yield from each component and has allowed us to reduce waste by 10%-15%.